What is the mailing address for Santa Cruz Surfboards?

Santa Cruz Surfboards

PO Box 2718

Santa Cruz, Ca 95063

I own a surf shop and want to get Santa Cruz Surfboards products, where do I start?

Email the Santa Cruz Surfboards home base at dealer@nhs-inc.com and they will get you a dealer application and start the process.

Where can I buy Santa Cruz Surfboards products?

The very best place to go is your local surf shop. If you see something you like online and your local shop doesnt have exactly what you want, they can usually special order it for you if it's still available and they are already an Authorized Santa Cruz Surfboards dealer. Please understand that due to high demand, limited edition run products and/or discontinued product, not everything you see online is available for the shop to special order but the shop can always call us and at least ask. Also, check our current buy page for online shops that might have what you're looking for.

Can I have stickers please?

If you would like some Stickers, you need to send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and $2 to the address above. In return you will receive 5 stickers. We do not fill specific sticker requests... you will need to purchase specific stickers you are looking for at your local skateshop. We send what we currently have in stock. We will not fill requests via email.

How do I get a catalog or check out Santa Cruz Surfboards products?

You can view the products on the website or view a current catalog at nhs-inc.com. Another way to get updated & win free stuff is to join the Santa Cruz Surfboards mailing list and be the first to know about new product, team news, etc. plus you will be automatically entered to win that month’s prize.

Do you accept art/graphics?

We do all of the art for Santa Cruz Surfboards products in house and we do not contract any work out. We have a team of artists and graphic designers that work directly with the managers and team riders. If you are interested in working full time for Santa Cruz Surfboards, please send a resume and examples of your work on CD to the address above. Due to the large number of applicants we get, we do not return resumes or CDs and we will not contact applicants unless we are interested in hiring.

I think I have a defective product. Do you warranty your products and how do I go about this?

We would like to know about any possible defect in our products and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Send an email to our warranty department at warranty@nhs-inc.com.

I have an invention that I would like to propose to Santa Cruz Surfboards. How can I show you?

We are currently not accepting submissions from outside inventors. Due to a dramatic increase in the rate of submissions, we are freezing any submissions for the time being. NHS, Inc has not made a regular convention of accepting submissions from outside inventors, and to my knowledge we’ve only done this 3 times in 30 years. Thank you for your interest and consideration, however. – Tim Piumarta

If your questions were not answered above, then please send an email to surffeedback@nhs-inc.com. You will receive an Auto Reply with these same answers but be assured we did get your email and we will personally respond if none of the above answers apply.

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